In the real world, my name is Zlatko Knežević, but people like to call me "Z". Just Z. Not "Zed", which is very important, because "Zed's dead baby, Zed's dead". I like to think of myself as a Lefty with strong affinity for programming, science fiction and a voracious appetite for various trivia tidbits, especially if they have to do with computing history.

My general motto is I aim to misbehave. It generally means that status quo annoys me and I always want to change it.

What do I work on day to day?

For the past 10-ish years I've been working for Microsoft on variety of stuff, most notably being an Evangelist in Central Eastern Europe, working as a PM on SQL Server and other data properties. Currently, I'm a member of the .NET Team, working primarily on the cross-platform experience for CoreCLR, trying to make it as smooth as possible, so developers can have a very good time using it to develop modern applications.

About this blog

This blog represents my opinions on several topics, from computing to social problems, anthropology, leftism and others. It is in no way representative of opinions of my employer. I know, sounds cheesy, but I have to have it on there somewhere.

Blog is built using the amazing Jekyll static site/blog generator, and hosted on GitHub Pages.

It is also using a very pretty theme called Hyde built by @mdo, with some changes for typefaces and other things.